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Cortland Repertory Theatre, Portland Stage Company, Center for the Arts of Homer, Nolan A/V Production Group, Vital Theatre Company, Merry Go Round Finger Lakes Music Theatre, 
Skyline Theatre Company, FullStop Collective, New York University, Open Waters Theatre Arts, The College of Idaho, Caldwell Fine Arts, Great Lakes Theatre Festival, Boise Contemporary Theatre, Balance Dance Company, Idaho Shakespeare Festival, Idaho Theatre For Youth, Trinity Repertory Company, Arundel Barn Playhouse, Zachary Scott Theatre Center (ZACH), IATSE Local 205, Sarah Lawrence College, Berklee College of Music, Children's Theatre of Maine, Hacktor's Playhouse.

Cortland Repertory Theatre - Cortland, New York

Sound Designer 2012 - 2017
Design, edit, and engineer sound effects and music; engineer live sound reinforcement.

Cortland Repertory Theatre is a summer stock theatre company in the Finger Lakes area of Central New York. CRT has won numerous Syracuse Area Live Theatre (SALT) Awards for both their musicals and straight plays and are currently building a new year-round theatrical space in downtown Cortland. During my time with CRT I have been re-engineering their audio system for greater versatility and clarity and advising on audio wiring and practices in their new year-round arts and events building. I often also serve as Live Mix Engineer for CRT's musicals and concerts.

  Life Could Be A Dream
Audio Design and Engineering: 5-Piece Band and 5 Bodymics, Voiceover Sound Effects.

"The sound design, in the capable hands of sound engineer Seth Asa Sengel is top-notch and well-proportioned, filling the rafters of the Pavillion Theatre at Little York Lake with an end-of-summer treat." -

  Nana's Naughty Knickers
Naughty 1920's/1930's Jazz-Based Sound Design, Fictional Prohibition-Era 'Secret Room' Machinery Effects, QLab MIDI Control Commands to Digital Console.

  Appointment With Death
Mystery/Suspense Score-Based Design featuring Music from Film and Immersive Video Games, Hotel Lobby and Elevator Effects incl. a Mic-Enhanced Traveller Track, Desert Ambience.

Audio Design and Engineering: 9-Piece Orchestra and 24 Wireless Bodymics, Ambient Rural Textures, Railroad/Train Effects.

  La Cage Aux Folles
Audio Design and Engineering: 9-Piece Orchestra and 22 Wireless Bodymics, Ambient French City Textures.

  The 39 Steps
Film Score Based Sound Design, 'Over-The-Top' Comedy Effects and Cutoffs, Weather and Crowd Environments, Classic News Radio and Morse Code Bulletins, Single-Engine Airplane, Walkie Talkie Chatter.

"Seth Asa Sengel's sound design gives us a bracing Highland wind, quick bursts of party music, the sound of a train station, and dozens of other evocative moments." -Linda Lowen,

  The Queen Of Bingo
Polka-Based Sound Design, Bingo Hall Environment - Light Chatter, Shuffling Papers, Voiceovers and Callouts, and 80's-era Bingo Machine Effects.

  The Receptionist / The Birds
Avant-Garde and Experimental Score Based Sound Design, Environmental Effects 

The Receptionist - phone and elevator sound effects.

The Birds - Experimental Strings

This was a full-surround sound design; 19 speakers used in order to create 3D panning effects, employing over 1900 QLab audio events. These effects included farm and country ambience, crows, seagulls, songbirds, chirpy birds, birds of prey, frogs, insects, objects being struck or falling, a fireplace, radio static and field-recorded broadcast, dogs, monologue and distant yelling voiceovers, screams, loads of wings, and three dozen randomized sound effect groups - this was intended to be a near-living sound design that is, like the nature it seeks to portray, somewhat different for every performance while maintaining a solid and easy-to-operate control base for a quadruple-duty SM / LD / ME / A1.

"Seth Asa Sengel's sound designs are provocative, jarring, and reinforce the mood in both shows...."

"Eric Behnke's lighting and, even more crucially, Seth Asa Sengel's sound design are both perfectly realized and state of the art." -Syracuse New Times

   The Marvelous Wonderettes
Audio Design and Engineering: 5-Piece Band and 8 Wireless Body Mics, Motorcycle Sound Effects. 

"Lighting designer Eric Behnke and sound engineer Seth Asa Sengel were tasked with taking us out of the high school gym for various musical numbers, and the impact of their excellent work is most evident...."


   The Kitchen Witches
Songs-About-Food Based Sound Design

Also appeared in performances as "Rob The Camera Guy"

"As diminutive and long-suffering Rob the Camera Guy (backstage guru Seth Asa Sengel) points his lens, the show goes on the air.... Sengel has been doing wonderful stuff behind the scenes at CRT, and how he’s doing great things as the show’s mute camera dude." 

"The fourth character, Rob the Camera Guy, is played by Seth Asa Sengel. Unflappable, Rob gives a fourth and sometimes enigmatic response to events in the play."

   Cards On The Table
New Classical, Odd-Time Fusion, and WWII Era Jazz Based Sound Design, Countryside Soundscape

A music-intensive design using small segments of previously-recorded music material from various artists, of like musical quality, tone, instrumentation, or arrangement, re-arranged to create an original score and underscoring. Choices are made as to repeated segments and, in the case of a murder mystery, musical themes are also used as both clues and red herrings. 

Nominee, “SOUND DESIGN OF A PLAY” Syracuse Area Live Theatre Awards 2016

   A Chorus Line
Audio Design and Engineering: 11-Piece Band and 24 Wireless Body Mics.

   West Side Story
Audio Design and Engineering: 9-Piece Band and 22 Wireless Body Mics, City Soundscapes 

"Sound designer Seth Asa Sengel uses city street noises and the hum of traffic as a subtle background score."

   A Fox on the Fairway
Classic Jazz-Based Sound Design with Golf and Social Gathering Soundscapes, Locational Effects, and 2 Wireless Mics (levels and effects controlled by QLab3)

Traditional Italian Folk Strings Bas Sound Design with Comedic Sound Effects and Basic Locational Ambient Soundscapes

   I Am My Own Wife
Early 1900's Phonograph Cylinder Based Sound Design - light ambient sound effect enhancements;  performed in the round employing a subtle area mic reinforcement system of 8 points, specifically routed to clarify consonants for specific seating sections when the actor faced opposite them.

   Always, Patsy Cline
Audio Design and Engineering - 5-Piece Band and 2 Wireless Body Mics.

"What struck this viewer was the incredible acoustics in the room, thanks to sound designer and engineer Seth Asa Sengel. That music, that voice and that storyteller was fresh." - Cortland Standard

   Suds - The Rockin' 1960's Musical Soap Opera
Audio Design and Engineering: 4 Wireless Body Mics, 4-Piece Rock Band.

"Sound designer Seth Asa Sengel deserves a nod. The musicians were hidden away, the actors singing with largely hidden mics, and the effect was flawless.”

   Miracle on South Division Street
Elvis Presley Gospel Based Sound Design with location-specific environmental effects.

"The sound, designed by Seth Asa Sengel was crystal clear and well suited for this listener." -Cortland Standard

"Sound Designer of the Year, Play" Nominee, Syracuse Area Live Theatre Awards 2015

   The Addams Family - The Musical
Audio Design and Engineering: 16 wireless bodypacks shared with 20 headworn mic elements, 8-piece high energy/high volume band, basic sound effects and environmental textures.

"Sound Designer of the Year, Musical" Nominee, Syracuse Area Live Theatre Awards 2015

   Sherlock Holmes and the West End Horror
Solo Piano Based Sound Design - built by editing and re-arranging classical piano source material to create a music score.

"...Seth Asa Sengel's complicated sound design, made from a pastiche of many classical music compositions, is right and fitting for the era and the play's temperament." -Syracuse Post Standard

Audio Design and Engineering: 16 wireless bodypacks shared with 20 headworn mic elements, 10 'area' mics, 8-piece orchestra playing in baroque styles.

Nominee "Sound Design of a Musical" Syracuse Area Live Theatre Awards 2015

   Always a Bridesmaid
Contemporary Wedding Music Based Sound Design; thunderstorm and 'offstage crowd' sound effects.

   Ring of Fire: The Music of Johnny Cash
Audio Design and Engineering: 6 Wireless Body Mics, 10 Wireless Stringed Instruments, Southern Railroad Soundscape

   Making God Laugh
Sound Design Using Music, Media, and World Events, 1970's-2014

"...sound designer Seth Asa Sengel and lighting designer Louis Kreienkamp do a rather compelling and poignant thing between the acts … turning down the lights and playing snatches of dialog from the television news and music of the intervening years … reminding us quite forcefully how much we’ve all been through in the last thirty-four years …"

   Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Jersey Lilly
Mystery Sound Design "Score" with Highly Theatr